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July 21, 2012

Giselle from Enchanted



Photographer: Alessandro Casini

Giselle is a young woman originally from the animated world of Andalasia.

In Andalasia, an animated fairy-tale universe where animals can talk and characters frequently express themselves through song, Giselle is a beautiful young woman with long red hair and blue eyes. Upon appearing in the live-action world of Manhatten, she retains these traits. She is notable for being very sentimental and positive.

Though naïve and innocent, Giselle is also kind-hearted and extremely outgoing, with endless optimism. When she accidentally ends up in Manhatten, Giselle begins to slightly mature as she learns more about the harsher and darker nature of real life, but retains her trademark happy disposition.

Visit ladygiselle for more of my cosplays.

Giselle from Enchanted

Photographer: ReflexStudio

Giselle from Enchanted

Photographer: Alessandro Casini

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