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July 24, 2012

Starfleet Chief Engineer & Science Officer from Star Trek: TOS

Starfleet Chief Engineer & Science Officer

Star Trek: TOS

Photographer: Carroll Kong

So these are two costumes that I made completely spur of the moment (there are actually three of them, one in every colour and they were all actually made for me) So far various people have been in them, but for this particular shoot I am wearing the Chief Engineer uniform (red) and the lovely lovely *paper-stars is wearing the Science Officer uniform (blue).

I have worn these to four different events already and they are just so so much fun to wear I don't plan on retiring them anytime soon!

Cosplayers: The Cosplay Scion (Chief Engineer, Red) & Paper-stars (Science Officer, Blue)

Starfleet Chief Engineer & Science Officer from Star Trek: TOS

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