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November 13, 2012

Merida from Brave



Photographer: Sevi Yummy

Costume made entirely by myself, from the patterns of the clothes, to the bow and arrows.

It was a lovely experience to dress up like Merida, she's not like any princess at all. I love Disney and Pixar animation movies, but Brave is one of the most beautiful movies from them I've seen.

I practically melted with the costume, here in Argentina it's almost summer and the costume has an underdress, a dress, a cape, boots and a HUGE wig. That was the hardest part: finding a wig. I have not a lot of wig styling skills myself, so I found one on Ebay, styled a little bit and dyed some darker parts to give it some different shades of orange.

I had the chance to take these photos with a friend, Sevi Yummy, who takes most of my cosplay photos. I got a LOT of positive feedback with this costume's photos. In one day, 3000 people added one of the photos as a "favorite" on Deviantart. It was like: wow. When people like your work, you like it even more!

I've been cosplaying for only 2 years so I'm kind of a noob, but this is one of my favorite costumes so far.

Cosplayer: Cereza

Merida from Brave
Merida from Brave
Merida from Brave

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