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November 27, 2012

Ashlotte Maedel アシュロット・メーデル from Soul Calibur IV ソウルキャリバーIV

Ashlotte Maedel アシュロット・メーデル

Soul Calibur IV ソウルキャリバーIV

Photographer: Leandro Peixoto

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I made Ashlotte to wear with a big group of Soul Calibur IV cosplayers at a convention, but I couldn't move too much because of the huge dress, so I just got a few pictures of her.

When I came home I needed to wear her again to take some more pictures and then I swore I'd never use her again! LOL! That dress is terrible >.<

Ashlotte is a bonus character of Soul Calibur IV, and she's specially designed to kill Astaroth. Her story has a sad ending, but I just love her design and her (lack) of personality. Robots <3

She's totally made by me, and the materials were basically craft foam and iron strings. I got first place at a cosplay parade with her *-*

I've been cosplaying since 2008 and won 3 costume contests so far ^^

Hope you like the pictures and come visit me at lockheart18! Thank you!

Cosplayer: Karen Cechin

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