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November 8, 2012

Black Canary from DC Comics

Black Canary

DC Comics

Photographer: Magic-Alex-Photo

This shot is inspired in this Adam Hughes cover art.

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Dinah Laurel Lance was born to Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary, and Larry Lance. While growing up, Dinah was surrounded by her mother's friends in the disbanded Justice Society of America and looked to them as uncles and aunts. Dinah wished to become a costumed hero like her mother before her. However, instead of encouraging the younger Dinah, her mother forbade it, thinking the world had grown into a darker, more dangerous place than when she herself fought crime, too dangerous for the younger Dinah to succeed.

However, Dinah had her own "Canary Cry" which she is fully able to control. With this weapon, the younger Dinah next sought out numerous fighters to help her hone her skills, including former JSA member Wildcat. Years of training and intense dedication paid off, and Dinah took on her mother's mantle.

Black Canary is extremely proficient in the various styles of martial arts, and is among the world's best fighters. Moreover, Dinah possesses uncanny reflexes, on many occasions showing the ability to catch or destroy arrows in flight. Dinah is also an expert motorcycle rider.

Dinah is a strong leader and strategic thinker — qualities recognized by the other superheroes, who have selected her as the Chairwoman of the JLA.

Cosplayer: Kitty-Honey

Black Canary from DC Comics
Black Canary from DC Comics
Black Canary from DC Comics
Black Canary from DC Comics

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