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October 11, 2012

Black Bat from Batman

Black Bat


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"Black Bat" is when Cassandra Cain returned from Hong Kong to help out Tim Drake as Red Robin. She was previously Batgirl and is the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne.

Cassandra's backstory is sad yet inspiring, and her attitude is perfect. She's strong, doesn't take anyones shit, and is in my opinion the most underrated batgirl.

I made the costume with a stretch pvc suit, with a painted on bat logo. Cape was torn up with a knife and scissors! Mask is leather.

The logo was most difficult to create, for sure. Stenciling the exact shape while I was wearing it took a really long time to get perfect!

I wore the costume to Anime Expo and Fan Expo Canada. Most people just assumed I was Batwoman, though the few people who recognized me as Black Bat were excited to see her getting cosplayed!

I got into cosplay after attending my first convention in 2009 and I've been making costumes for 2 years.

Cosplayer: tenleid

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