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October 25, 2012

Articuno Gijinka フリーザー from Pokémon ポケモン

Articuno Gijinka フリーザー

Pokémon ポケモン

Photographer: John K. and Sam Meyers

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My Articuno Gijinka cosplay. By far my favorite Pokemon from the entire series. I've always wanted to cosplay Aritcuno but never really was sure how to. It took about 16+ hours to make this entire costume (8 alone for the wings. Each feather is individually glued on and spray painted.)

These photo's were taken at Trainers Rendezvous 2011 and Anime Milwaukee 2012.

This cosplay has been feature on numerous Pokemon sites as well as a few other cosplay sites. But I have to say the most amazing thing was going to conventions and having people recognize me most for this cosplay >w<!!

You can check out more of my photo's at Facebook and Deviantart.

Cosplayer: Darkreilia

Articuno Gijinka フリーザー from Pokémon ポケモン
Articuno Gijinka フリーザー from Pokémon ポケモン

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