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October 4, 2012

Sheryl Nome シェリル・ノーム from Macross Frontier マクロスF (フロンティア)

Sheryl Nome シェリル・ノーム

Macross Frontier マクロスF (フロンティア)

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Known as the "Galactic Fairy", Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy. Due to her beauty and singing talent, she is a very proud and self-assured person. Sheryl constantly tops music charts, and she is just as popular in the Galaxy's sister fleet, Macross Frontier. Sheryl encounters Alto Saotome when he serves as a backup 'performer' at her first concert in Frontier. Eventually, she also develops a crush on him. Sheryl recognizes the talent of Ranka Lee and often offers to help her 'behind the scenes' to realize her dream of singing.

Cosplayer: LoveLoveLace

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