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September 5, 2012

KOS-MOS v4 from Xenosaga III ゼノサーガ


Xenosaga III ゼノサーガ

Photographer: Neonights

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These pictures were taken at AnimeXtreme, which is a big convention near my hometown. Unfortunately I still couldn't take pictures with this cosplay at a special photoshooting, because there's still things that I want to improve in it!

KOS-MOS is a gynoid that appears to be emotionless but the way she gets a human personality, even without an OS for it makes me love her so much, and above all, her design and colors are totally unique. And this is my favorite version!

Just the sewing dress is not made by me, because I suck at sewing (LOL), but all the props were entirely hand made by me. Most of the armor is made of foam and acrylic, and it was reaaaally difficult to reproduce, 'cause the shapes are terrible to carve, but I loved the result!

I've been cosplaying since 2008 and won 2 costume contests.

Hope you like the pictures and come visit me at Lockheart18! Thank you!

Cosplayer: Karen Cechin

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