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April 11, 2013

Princess Peach ピーチ姫 from Super Mario Bros. スーパーマリオブラザーズ

Princess Peach ピーチ姫

Super Mario Bros.


Photographer: Maxius Dexus

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Peach is the iconic Princess we've been trying to save over and over for years. She's simple and cute and we all know her! I adore her color scheme, silhouette, and just her overall sweetness. I think she's a very special character- lots of fond memories!

These pictures were all taken at the Seattle Convention Center. I've worn this dress to Sakuracon and PAX Prime, multiple times- several years ago. People treat me like I'm a Disney Park Princess! It's too much fun- seriously- the wonderful reactions keep me cosplying as Peach! Even online- folks have been insanely kind, it means so much :0

This specific Peach gown was made to match my friend, who cosplayed Daisy. She sells these costumes through Etsy. It's fun to model her work! The parasol was a personal choice, as well as the crown and broach were things I had put together myself. The parasol was a challenge that turned out surprisingly well- Though I still have malfunctions with the handle D: I made the parasol with a hanging flower basket and a flag pole. Then covered it with cute fabric and ruffles! The wig was a scary endeavor at first to- but creating that style was wicked fun! The earings are by a great cosplay prop maker from DeviantArt.

I got into cosplay in 2006. I used to see tons of costumes online and had no idea what a convention was! The idea of dressing up as video game and cartoon characters for fun/in public seemed like a total blast! Once a year for Halloween was never enough, so I hopped onto this boat pretty quick. I've been learning more and more each year how to construct, sew, and design costumes. I feel like this year is the most successful yet! It's a great and rewarding hobby :)

Cosplayer: Skirtz

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