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April 8, 2013

Cortana from Halo: Legends


Halo: Legends

Photographer: David MacKenzie

Cortana is a holographic AI that aids Master Chief against the Covenant and Promethean forces. Cortana has always been a favorite character of mine; she’s cheeky, sexy, smart, and beautiful. Pulling off an holographic look is obviously impossible, but I tried my best.

I custom made the body suit, airbrushed the suit to tone down the fabric a bit, the detailing was taped off and painted with fabric paint, and then the whole thing was finished with glitter spray paint. The face paint is three layers (two different main blues, and a darker for the eyebrows and lips) to match the suit as best I can. Cut and styled a blue wig that was toned down with a hint of spray paint (and the glitter spray), sharp icy blue contacts, and a personal touch with 6" clear platform heels to give the illusion of floating. It only took about two weeks on and off to make Cortana, I just wanted a side costume for PAX Prime 2011 HaloFest - where the cosplay debuted and a huge hit.

The designs of the detailing was based loosely off of the design in Halo: Legends. I do plan on re-making my Cortana and basing the designs from Halo 4, and including far more depth with the detailing.

Cosplayer: Hyokenseisou

Cortana from Halo: Legends
Cortana from Halo: Legends
Cortana from Halo: Legends
Cortana from Halo: Legends
Cortana from Halo: Legends

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