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August 17, 2013

SeeU from Vocaloid 3


Vocaloid 3

Photographer: Nik Yan

SeeU!!! I saw her design, and thought she is so, so cute, with poofy hair that is so fluffy. xD xD When I chose the material to make her costume, I had wanted to make something like those that the Korean artists wear on stage, something that is eye catching, and thus, the reflective material.

For this cosplay, I did a lighter make up with minimal eyeliner, and a mix of blue and orange eyeshadow. As for nails, I did a mix of white and orange polka dots with shiny tips~ Thanks to Lawliet for the wig and ears, and photoshoot assistent Ligen.

Cosplayer: thebakasaru

SeeU from Vocaloid 3
SeeU from Vocaloid 3
SeeU from Vocaloid 3

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