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August 19, 2013

Rogue from X-Men: Evolution


X-Men: Evolution

Photographer: Kifir

I'm a Russian cosplayer, cosplaying since 2002. I hope you like my works ^^ Enjoy! About our cosplay team R&R

Rogue is a mutant and member of the X-Men. Originally raised by unknown parents, she was adopted by Mystique when she was only four years old. With her and Destiny, she started to develop powers and through their aid, kept them hidden from the general public for five straight years. Soon after her powers were revealed she came into contact with the X-Men, who sought to recruit her and help her further develop her powers.

Cosplayer: Ryoko-demon

Rogue from X-Men: Evolution
Rogue from X-Men: Evolution
Rogue from X-Men: Evolution
Rogue from X-Men: Evolution

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