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February 19, 2013

Juri Han ハン・ジュリ from Super Street Fighter IV スーパーストリートファイター IV

Juri Han ハン・ジュリ

Super Street Fighter IV

スーパーストリートファイター IV

Photographer: Tobias Giesen

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I wasn't playing the classical Street fighter, just watched my boyfriend playing it. Then Super Street Fighter IV came out and I totally fell in love with this femme fatale: Juri Han. She is a total psycho, and knows no mercy for anybody. Even when she naively thinks she is unbeatable, I like that part. Every Character should have their weak point, that makes a character even more likable. And her weak point is being bigheaded.

So I started playing the character and became good. And then I thought about Cosplaying her. Bringing the fire and energy into the poses and movements, that was actually the most fun!

This black version is my most successful try. I made the whole costume three times to be exact. On my blog you can see the different variants. Juri as a Character was my very first "professional" Cosplay, but in that first version I totally failed at the wig and also with the fabric choice. Just everthing. But I learned SO very much by analyzing what I could change and how to make it better next time. The wig was the hardest part. I cried tears, sweated blood. Burned myself sometimes with hotglue. Wanted to burn the wig because I was so mad at it. But I just slept one night and finished it the next morning.

The most important thing is, not to give up. If you don't find a solution how to make something for your Cosplay, try to look up tutorials on the internet, ask people how they made it. I had one issue, maybe 2 years ago. I was asking kindly, how one person solved the wig-problem and she just didn't want to tell me, because she had such a hard time with it. Now I made a complete tutorial about my solution on my Cosplay Blog. ;D

Only the awesome gloves are made by my talented friend Anpan! Thanks a lot for that :) Without her help my Cosplay-skills wouldn't have grown like that!

The photoshoot's location was an old farmers house, which fitted great with the backgrounds. I was very lucky that the photographer Tobias Giesen made such great shots and brought a nice make-up artist. I have worn the Costume on German conventions like the AnimagiC 2012 and the Connichi 2012. Mostly guys react like OMG Juri, let's take a picture. :) But also on the Connichi, there was one group that wanted me to fight against one friend of them. I got up, walked slowly towards that guy and glanced at him. Then he wanted to make me fall with a judo move, but I knew that one and brought him to the ground :D After that we wrote into each others convention books, that was one great conversation! xD

Also this sketch is amazing (start from 1:03 [German])!!

But the most amazing happening was 2011 in Korea. I was having my semester abroad, and one day my roommate asked me to make a Juri shooting in a park. No Problem, because of that I brought it with me XD So we went to that park behind my university (where only old people take a walk). I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a Mighty Bison Cosplayer with an Arnold Schwarzenegger Mask. So I ran to him and wanted to take pictures together very bad, so I can show it to my boyfriend who was waiting for me for the next 3 months in germany. In the end the Bison-Cosplayer pulled off his mask and revealed himself - it was my boyfriend who came to Korea! I was SO shocked, I couldn't believe it! Of course my roommate, who organized everything, filmed it. So you can see it here.

I started being interested into japanese pop culture since I discovered Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon in my early childhood. So in my 4th grade primary school class, I wore my bought Sailor Moon Costume! But the "serious" Cosplay business started in 2009/2010 with my first Juri try.

In 2012 I have won a Cosplay girl contest from the Okinii Restaurant. They made a promo clip for their restaurant and the technology which they use there.

Thank you all for your attention, maybe we will meet on a convention one day :)

Cosplayer: Santi_chan

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