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January 27, 2013

Elf from Lineage II


Lineage II

Photographer: Jesús Clares

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Elves were born of water, making them fluid, agile, and infused with good magic. Deeply in tune with the forces of nature, they worship Eva, the second Goddess of Water. Elves excel at beneficial magic, archery, and singing above all.

The race of Elves loves nature and aquatic life. During the era of Giants, among all creatures they held the most power. However, when the Giants were destroyed, the power and influence of the Elves were also diminished. Now they only inhabit part of the forest in Aden.

Cosplayer: Hekady

Elf from Lineage II
Elf from Lineage II
Elf from Lineage II
Elf from Lineage II

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