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July 21, 2013

Megurine Luka from Project Diva

Megurine Luka

Project Diva

Photographer: MasamunePhotography

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This is my cosplay of Megurine Luka's Project Diva bikini! Made and worn by me. I LOVE this photo! This is like one of my favorites ever. Seeing how awesome it turned out makes me feel better about buying a better Luka wig x) The beach was really rocky, but it turned out great in the photo, it looks like a tropical paradise! Taken at the NorCal Summer gathering~ It's kinda funny because this was the first time I actually wore Luka's bikini to an event. It was soooo fun!

Cosplay is usually what keeps me awake at night. It's challenging and rewarding, it's awesome! Most of the cosplays and shoots I do stem from ideas for fan-art I have that I can't draw out because I blow at traditional art. I really enjoy both the construction and presentation aspects of cosplay.

Cosplayer: sara-sekhmet

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