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June 12, 2013

Barbarian from Diablo III


Diablo III

Photographer: Henning Ulbrich

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I made this costume for my boyfriend because I thought he would be an awesome barbarian :) It is really great to visit a convention together with my boyfriend when we are both in costumes.

The helmet is made of Worblas Finest Art and Kobracast. The base is made of Kobracast, the material is perfect for making helmets, I also made my demon hunter helmet with it and used it for my antler for my faun costume because it is very lightweight. The big horns on the helmet are made with Kobracast as well. The details are made of Worblas Finest Art.

I am getting faster and faster in creating armor. I formed the two leg bracers in two hours. The material I used is Worblas Finest Art, it is my favorite material for armor because it is so easy to handle and you can make three dimensional things like prickles and teeth.

Belt buckle horns: This is a good way to keep the weight light. Only take some styrodur and cover it with worbla. The skull and the teeth are made of Worbla's Deco Art. The first weapon is a spiked mace. Very spiky and very heavy. Material is Worblas Finest Art.

Cosplayer: Ralf Zimmermann

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