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June 8, 2013

Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts

Photographer: FujimiyaRan

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This is Sephiroth as appearing in Kingdom Hearts (game one), my cosplay for Animagic. Sephiroth is something like a link between man and god, something that doesn't belong in this world, neither into the next. Always close to the sun, always sharp as a knife and a shadow.

I don't take any credits for this. I helped, but I will not take anything of this on my account, neither ideas nor results. This masterpiece is purely and solely the work of the most talented and inspiring photographer, artist and cosplayer I have known in my whole life: FujimiyaRan. There isn't anything she doesn't seem to know a solution for, she's amazing in any way possible and I owe more to her than I can count. She worked through two nights and I don't know how many days to complete this costume. Thank you is not enough to say.

Cosplayer: NanjoKoji

Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts
Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts
Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts
Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts
Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts

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