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March 10, 2013

Sailor Cosmos セーラー・コスモス from Sailor Moon Stars 美少女戦士セーラームーン セーラースターズ

Sailor Cosmos セーラー・コスモス

Sailor Moon Stars

美少女戦士セーラームーン セーラースターズ

Photographer: Maxim Stensel

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This was a dream costume of mine since I was young, and each time I see pictures of this costume it feels so empowering to see a dream come true. (I know that sounds corny but oh well) Sailor Cosmos only shows up briefly in the manga, but I am completely in love with not only her design, but who she is. In the short time she appears she lets us see that she like all of us are humans and make mistakes, she isn't perfect despite her being clad in all white, and her angelic wings.

This was an ongoing project for about a year in which I collected my materials, researched techniques, and finally construction of the costume.

Wings- Bought 2 pounds of turkey feathers, and hand cut each individual feather to be neat and uniform. Then bought my supplies for the under structure, and drew out the silhouette of the wing shape I wanted on paper, I then made the wire form that shape, and then added batting/chicken wire to it. Each feather was laid down carefully, then glued down. It is supported by a harness and straps that go around my shoulders!

Dress- I drafted my own patterns for this outfit, I made the central square panel to be a pleat that flowed with the rest of skirt. I took a lot of time picking out the rainbow-esque colors you see on the panel to match naoko's artwork, those ribbons were then machine-stitched down. The top is fitted to me (I went a bit too tight) and the dress is lined.

Wig- My first full styled wig I made. and boy was that quite an adventure :) Bought a base wig, stubbed it, made heart odangos out of Styrofoam, then covered in extensions to match the wig. Odango shields are cast plastics.

Cosplayer: daydreamernessa

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