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March 14, 2013

AndrAIa from ReBoot



Photographer: Delwin

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I just love this bike. :) Thanks to our photographer Delwin and thanks to Aiuke for editing.

AndrAIa is a Game Sprite and originally from the Treasure of Atlantis Game. AndrAIa is classified as an Artificial Intelligence Game Sprite, meaning that her fighting ability is dependent on her ability to problem solve. AndrAIa lived in the savage wilderness of the Games and considered herself a warrior for surviving there.

AndrAIa is the first and only Game Sprite to ever leave a Game. She quickly learned the rules of the world outside the Game, and proved her swiftness of mind by helping to save Mainframe from Nullzilla, Megabyte, and Games.

AndrAIa has an attraction to motorcycles, where most of the time she will ReBoot into a Biker Babe. Leading Matrix to ask "what is with you and motorcycles?"

Cosplayer: Nueteki

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