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March 1, 2013

Tess from Jak and Daxter - Jak II & Jak 3


Jak and Daxter - Jak II & Jak 3

Tess is one of those characters that I’d never dreamed of pulling off until now. I always thought blonde would look terrible on me, but seeing other cosplayers challenge my reservations, I feel like I can pull off any hair color! At its completion, this costume had become special to me. Every time I see myself as Tess, I really can’t even see myself, I look totally different!

Costume Details:

Wig: Cosplay Wig on Ebay

Contacts: Pinky Paradise, G&G GBT Blue lenses

Headband: Grey headband covered in fuchsia fabric (I made it so it ties in the back, like Tess's)

Scarf: Red stretch fabric

Gloves: Navy blue stretch fabric

Ears: Yaya Han (I had made my own, but these are sturdier)

Blouse: greens done using bottom weights, brown straps in a faux-leather suede (not sure what to call it- it feels and sews like a suede, but looks like leather), shoulder detail done in Model Magic, and zipper and buckle details made out of wood pieces

Shorts: Non stretch denim, with a pseudo belt (it's actually the waistband- that way I'll never lose the belt!) done in faux-leather suede.

Boot covers: Suede filled with batting, lined with bottom weight, and straps in a faux-leather suede, also filled with batting and backed with bottom weight. The straps are free-standing, and attached with snaps!

Shoes: Grey suede boots from Payless, painted navy with silver details added

Precursor Orb: Easter Egg toy painted and details done with paint markers

Cosplayer: Momo Kurumi

Tess from Jak and Daxter - Jak II & Jak 3

Photographer: Koji

Tess from Jak and Daxter - Jak II & Jak 3

Photographer: Koji

Tess from Jak and Daxter - Jak II & Jak 3

Photographer: Gaara Colleen

Tess from Jak and Daxter - Jak II & Jak 3

Photographer: Koji

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