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March 20, 2013

Quorra from Tron Legacy


Tron Legacy

Photographer: Justice Photography

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My Quorra costume is made out of various materials. Suit armor is made from black latex sheeting and white Electroluminescent Lite Tape. Boot covers made from neoprene, HEX undershirt was a custom made hexagon screen print by Soulinertia (theRPF.com), 4-way black stretch matte spandex fabric on lower arms and legs of bodysuit, wig asymmetrical cut and styled by me, TRON ID disc modified with more LED lights and wired to stay lit permanently when turned on, diffused outer and inner rings custom made by Soulinertia (theRPF.com)

The most difficult part was figuring out the wiring and logistics of getting the lite tape to stay lit without it shorting out when I am moving in the costume. That lighting was not meant to be put on a constricting costume with a person constantly moving around in it. The solder wiring points are bound to break, and they did many times. Lite Tape is very fragile and is still a challenge to this day keeping the wiring from breaking at its solder points while I wear this costume.

Quorra is the last ISO on the GRID, "The Miracle". She is a strong key character in Tron Legacy, the apprentice and confident of Kevin Flynn. She is an expert warrior with her light katana like sword and Identity disc and uses her expertise to fight against CLU who Kevin created to take over the running the GRID. CLU sought out to destroy the self-generated ISOs as he saw them as a threat to the systems stability in which he wished to "create the perfect system". The ISOs were then purged per CLUs orders leaving only Quorra as a sole survivor. Quorra and Kevin along with his son Sam Flynn set out to defeat CLU’s betrayal on his creator. Read more on Quorra on TRON-Wiki.

I admire Quorra’s bravery and warrior strength. Olivia Wilde described her character as a sort of Joan of Arc warrior.

I have worn my Quorra costume to the San Diego Comic Con International, DragonCon, two Tron Legacy movie viewings and even to Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park ElecTRONica, so much fun! Fan's reaction - speechless :P These photos were taken at Dragon Con 2011

I got into cosplay through my love for dressing up and make believe. I have been making my own costumes since high school, 20 years now.

Cosplayer: Anniss

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