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March 7, 2013

Yuno Gasai 我妻 由乃 from Future Diary 未来日記

Yuno Gasai 我妻 由乃

Future Diary 未来日記

Photographer: And Yamasaki

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I made this cosplay because I like this character so much. Many people loved the photos and my cosplay. I did not expect this reaction when I posted the first time. I really was very happy with it.

To see some photos of the process of building her cell phone just visit my cosplay page.

The fake blood and knife was not created with Photoshop, it's real.

Yuno Gasai is obsessively in love with Yukiteru (Yandere).

Smart, beautiful and diligent - those who don't truly know Gasai Yuno would simply see the model student role she plays while at school. She is secretly obsessed with Yukiteru and would do anything within her power to assist him. She can be quite clingy and is highly fond of stalking him. When obstacles arise that either endangers Yukki's life or threatens their relationship, her thoughts turn murderous and she lets nothing get in the way of her path.

Yuno is also able to quickly analyze and adapt to unexpected situations that may arise, and she puts thoughts into action without hesitation, performing what needs to be done without ever losing her nerves. These traits make her one of the strongest players in Deus's game, despite having one of the weakest diaries for providing self survival aid. And while Yukiteru is credited for triggering the greatest shift in future occurrences, Yuno is the one who has created the largest influence in those events.

Yuno tends to carry around a box cutter with her at all times, though she will make use of other weaponry such as kitchen knives, hatchets, etc, when required.

Cosplayer: Witchiko

Yuno Gasai 我妻 由乃 from Future Diary 未来日記
Yuno Gasai 我妻 由乃 from Future Diary 未来日記
Yuno Gasai 我妻 由乃 from Future Diary 未来日記
Yuno Gasai 我妻 由乃 from Future Diary 未来日記

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