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May 12, 2013

Sakuya サクヤ from Shining Blade シャイニング・ブレイド

Sakuya サクヤ

Shining Blade シャイニング・ブレイド

Photographer: L0KI

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When I first saw Sakuya, I wanted to cosplay the black dress she's wearing. But when I found this blue dress I immerdiately fell in love.

It was tons of detail work and working against Gravity ;) I've sprayed some dip-dye effect on the 'skirt' and painted the white and blue details on the skirt and body. For the body, the tights and sleeves I used a very elastic but solid blue fabric. The Décolleté was padded with a bra and fixed with a small silicon strap at the back. The hardest part was the neck. It was difficult to fix the high blue collar in 90° to the fabric. The stick was made of foam insulation (because it's very lightweight) and papier mâché. When everything was dry I painted it with acrylic.

I also had a lot of work with the wig. I bought a very dense midi-long brown wig with lots of hair and 1 pkg. of 1m long extensions in the same color. Then I made braids out of them and worked on the pigtail for 5 days. I'm very satisfied with the result.

I wore this costume at Bookfair in Leipzig, Germany in March 2012. When wearing this costume to the convention I've been overwhelmed by all the positive reactions. A lot of people knew her and/or wanted to take photos and asked me if it's bought or handmade. I often had to explain if my hair is real or a wig.

My way into Cosplay took some years of just being a Fan of Anime and Manga. Someday I wanted to Cosplay too and asked my grandma to help me sew my first costume. That was in 2005. I always try to improve myself, my work and my costumes. A few years later I started my studies in Fashion Design. At the moment I'm doing my Master in Berlin. After my studies I want to work in the movie-business as a Costume Designer.

The most important thing to me in Cosplay is to make highly challenging outfits I like, with every little detail in the best manufacturing I'm able to do.

Cosplayer: Micawber

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