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May 19, 2013

Queen of Hearts from Alice: Madness Returns

Queen of Hearts

Alice: Madness Returns

Photographer: Akira Photo - Joanna Katarzyna Macura

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This costume is from one of my favourite games based on my favourite book. I'm truly an Alice freak and I'm really happy that I could make this cosplay. I came in 3rd place in the 1st preliminary to EuroCosplay in Poland in 2013. In reality I'm not like her, I can't be, she's to strange for me and to be honest too creepy and her tentacles! It's scary as hell! I love this dress, but the days I spent working at it it's like a nightmare, too many little things and glue everywhere... Well, I hope you like my adult/child version of this character as much as I do!

Cosplayer: LinaSakura

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