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May 24, 2013

Jane Judith Jocelyn aka Calamity Jane from Trinity Blood (Manga)

Jane Judith Jocelyn aka Calamity Jane

Trinity Blood (Manga)

Photographer: Oleg Kugaev

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I could write pages on how I made this costume, but for now I’ll just say that most interesting parts were fabrics painting and making the flowers. The bodice was the most difficult part to create. The photos were taken in a billiard-room with a very fine interior.

Jane is a very clever women that wears a mask of silly high-stepper. I admire her combination of femininity and intellect. I wore this costume for a sketch at Animatrix-2012 (Russia, Moscow) (Best costumes and Best performance with Hide-out cosplay-group)

My love for making strange things brought me into cosplay. I've been making costumes since 2006.

Cosplayer: Alix Alberti

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