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May 28, 2013

Jeanne ジャンヌ from Bayonetta ベヨネッタ

Jeanne ジャンヌ

Bayonetta ベヨネッタ

This was my first cosplay ever, it was a couple cosplay with a girl that did Bayonetta. It took 7 months to finish them both. This cosplay is from 2010. We didn't make the catsuit ourselves because we didn’t know how to sew at that time. We made everything else, the guns, the chest clock, the earings, the charms, the shoes and sewed the chains to the costume.

The most difficult part of the costume were the guns. We used stencils to create the gold parts but they were hardly perfect, so we had to fix them. And the details, so many details to be my first costume.

We used these costumes at Otaku Matsuri IV, Argentina, 2010. The fabric we selected was pretty bad so it broke and it cannot be used again. So it was an one-time experience. We won 1st prize in the "team cosplay" contest.

Playing Bayonetta made me want to cosplay, I love that game. I wanted to make a costume from that immediately, it’s all so perfect. My favorite character is Bayonetta herself but I played as Jeanne, her antithesis, who is as awesome as her and has almost the same powers. She isn’t the sweetest thing but she has an awesome personality.

Cosplayer: Cereza

Jeanne ジャンヌ from Bayonetta ベヨネッタ
Jeanne ジャンヌ from Bayonetta ベヨネッタ

SandySuicide as Bayonetta. Photo edit by me, finally we have a nice photo together my friend <3 It looks like we are angels, but we're supposed to be the opposite xD

Jeanne ジャンヌ from Bayonetta ベヨネッタ
Jeanne ジャンヌ from Bayonetta ベヨネッタ

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