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May 6, 2013

Barbarian from Diablo III


Diablo III

Photographers: Jakob, Janina

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The day Blizzard announced their costume contest I knew that I just HAD to participate in it! What else can I do, if I create almost only costumes from the Blizzard universe? So the day came when I had to try my costume the very first time one. And: Everything fitted perfectly and even every part of the armor fixing worked exactly like I planned. Yeah, well, the costume contest... I won it! I really, really won it! I'm still super excited and thankful and happy and just everything else! It was a great feeling to be on the stage with so many amazing cosplayers.

After many many requests I finally made a video tutorial. I show how you can create an female breastplate out of the new thermoplastic material Worbla, or better how I made my Barbarian breastplate. So, I really hope you like it! (And don't forget to activate the subtitles!) And for more tutorials, just take a look to my youtube channel or my tutorial site.

Cosplayer: KamuiCosplay

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