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May 9, 2013

Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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This Jessica Rabbit Cosplay was my first attempt at a "Character" Cosplay. Made with the objective of turning this mega icon of femininity into an accurate human representation (as my taste and style saw fit). I had this hot red number ready just in time for CCEE 2013!

I made this from scratch! I even hand glued sequins on the shoes and modified a wig! I had to learn Make-Up! This was all new to me, this is even the first time I wore colored contact lenses!

I had a very good idea of how to make a strapless dress from my experimenting with a bunny girl outfit! Tutorial here.

Making the dress legit strapless and fit my curves was very important to me as I made this in a big way to socialize at conventions. Having good and accurate looking floor shots was the be all of importance! I want everyone to have good photos!

The photos were done in my living room! I'm used to only taking product shots for CanadaCosplay.com so I was nervous about the results of the poses! I'm really very new to the "play" part of "cosplay" and trying to do an actual character was nerve racking because so many people already have an imprint in their minds about what she would look like!

Jessica Rabbit was an easy choice for a first big todo: I have always had a crush on Jessica Rabbit (as many have) and I have had the desire to emulate the alpha female roles in most popular media. Furthermore I can work (I am a vendor at conventions) in her outfit as it's not too cumbersome! It gave me an intro to so many different details of costuming and really stimulates the hobby.

Cosplayer: Kay Pike

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