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October 3, 2013

Pris from Blade Runner


Blade Runner

Photographer: Natasha

So this is my new & improved Pris for DragonCon 2013! What I did was take the dress I wore last year & pulled it up & stitched it to make it shorter. I cut the elastic off the top into a V shape & sewed a cheap black bra from Wal Mart into the top part for support & to keep everything together. Since I got the new stirrup leggins I cut my old net bodysuit & stitched the top into the bra & dress... & to finish up the shell I stitched some black boyshort swimsuit bottoms into the bottom to keep everything well covered & in place. Then I hand-stitched black glitter netting over the whole thing in panels.

As for the wig, I didn't like how clean & nice it was last year, so I took an iron to it lol! I singed the crap out of it & really messed it up and damaged it... and it turned out perfect! New black boots from the thrift store bc my old ones were so uncomfortable, & there we are!

The photograph was taken by my friend Natasha, and then I did all of the artistic editing myself in Photoshop.

Cosplayer: merrypranxter

Pris from Blade Runner
Pris from Blade Runner
Pris from Blade Runner

Because it's just not DragonCon til you've humped an R2 unit

Pris from Blade Runner

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