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October 7, 2013

Naga Serpent from The Slayers

Naga Serpent

The Slayers

Photographer: Alexander Sword

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Cosplay of Naga Serpent (Naga The Whitesnake) was made by me for The Second All-Ukrainian Akihabara Festival (19-20th of September 2009). I hardly have had time to complete the costume in time, I finished it the night before the festival began. The festival was amazing - a lot of good cosplay, new acquaintances and simply positive emotions (mazoku be afraid!). Besides there was great Lina Invers with me. We have sold Gourri in slavery and have swap Lina's shoulder-guards for drink. ^______^

Cosplayer: Narven

Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev Wedding Version from The SlayersLina Inverse &
Gourry Gabriev
Wedding Version
The Slayers
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