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September 27, 2013

Velvet Valentine from Odin Sphere

Velvet Valentine

Odin Sphere

Photographer: Rafael Ventura

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Odin Sphere is a beautiful fairy tale game. It's colorful, magical and full of wonderful characters. The princess of the late kingdom of Valentine was one of those that made me want to cosplay her so bad I had to.

I debuted her in 2009 and had a great time with a friend of mine that did Ingway, Velvet's brother. I had so much trouble doing her Psyphers, they are made with acrylic, so I had to find someone who worked with tha material and try to see if we could do something similar. For my delight they turned out perfect, they're so well done that I've used this costume a lot and they're still in good shape.

In 2010, when they anounced the WCS Brazil semi-finals I had the idea to try a Odin Sphere based skit. So I pestered my friend Lelis, that once told me she would like to cosplay as Queen Odette, and I think I won her by exhaustion. But when she finally agreed to be my partner we only had a month prior to the competition. So we rushed her costume and the skit, and fortunately we won a place in the brazilian finals.

After this we had to completely remake Lelis's costume, 'cause we changed somethings in it that made it crucial for us to re-do it. Despite all the trouble we had a great time with this. In the end we got the third place among so many good cosplayers and skits and also got to perform at the Cosplay in Rio Show, and there we got the fourth. =)

This skit is the best skit I've ever done. This has so much of me and Lelis in it that I love every part of it and would gladly perform as Velvet again.

Awards won:

3rd place WCS Brazil final (WCSBR 2010)

4th place Cosplay in Rio Show (Cosplay in Rio Show February- 2011)

Cosplayer: luna-ishtarcosplay

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