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September 3, 2013

Merida Royal Dress from Brave

Merida Royal Dress


Photographer: Pugoffka-sama

This is a long-awaited costume. I was BRAVE ENOUGH to make the dress myself! THE SEA EAGLE IS REAL!!!

THE DRESS is a real copy of the feature film dress! It is silk, embroidered by myself (6 meters all in all!). The blue color is just stunning. I have a corset also made by myself. There is a white under-dress. The blue dress is tight (except for the sleeves). I like the final result a lot. And thanks to my mum the length is correct and the sleeves are just fine.

THE WIG is made by myself. You might have recognized the curls, but it's an absolutely different wig: I made it from two wigs. It took a day to finish for a cosplay convention. I like the color extremely!

THE BOW AND ARROWS are made by my friend Michiru and me. He made the wooden pattern... and broke it while testing it! So he had to make a new one. That's why one can't actually use it for shooting. Then he used the paint which didn't fit, so I had to "investigate" every other shop of our town to find the appropriate one, hours of remake and here is my bow))) I colored the bow and its every detail.

THE SHOES are bought. But I had to cut off all the precious details to match the simple dancing shoes of the princess.

THE PHOTO-SHOOT PLACE is a Ukrainian medieval castle in Kamianets-Podolskyi. I had to travel all the way from Russia and it's worth every km and every penny spent.

Cosplayer: My-Little-Shua

Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave
Merida Royal Dress from Brave

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