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August 20, 2014

Nova Terra from StarCraft

Nova Terra


Photographer: Rudi B

There's nothing like slipping into a sleek suit of armor and taking on the role of a psionic assassin thats as deadly as she is beautiful!

Although Blizzard fans never got to see Nova star in the infamously lost game, "Starcraft Ghost", her character was developed within the Starcraft universe through books, comics, and the second installment of the game.

Nova was born into a wealthy family in the city of Tarsonis, where she was often misunderstood for being kind and empathetic towards the lesser privileged. As a teenager, she was involved in a horrible tragedy where she accidentally killed hundreds of people with telekinetic explosion after witnessing the murder of her family. This was an incredible power that she would later learn to harness as a Ghost soldier. Only after falling into the hands of a crime lord and viciously used for her abilities, she was found by the Terran dominion and recruited into the Ghost academy. Following her completed training, she was granted the gift of a memory wipe so she could forget her horrible past.

Of all the costumes I have created, this has definitely been the most complex and challenging project to date. Since I was using EVA foam as a base, it proved very difficult to build Nova's tight form fitting body armor with such a thick material. It took lots of patience, hours of planning, and lots of heat molding. I also built the sniper rifle using EVA foam and PVC pipe for the barrel.

My favorite part of the costume is the Ghost visor. I built it around a pair of headphones, which I left fully functional so I could listen to music. I installed an iPod holder into the back of my armor specifically for this neat little perk. So if you see me silently rocking out in the middle of a convention hall, you'll know why!

Cosplayer: Zadra

Nova Terra from StarCraft
Nova Terra from StarCraft
Nova Terra from StarCraft
Nova Terra from StarCraft

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