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August 9, 2014

Flemeth from Dragon Age II


Dragon Age II

Photographer: Jess Clares

Flemeth, the shapeshifter known as the "Witch of the Wilds" and "Asha’bellanar" - the woman of many years, is widely recognized as an immortal and extremely powerful being. She is also known for being mother to many daughters, all of whom are witches as she herself is. She appears before both the Hero of Ferelden and Hawke’s family to save their lives early in their adventures, determined to ensure their destinies are fulfilled, but her true plans are still unknown.

I got totally hooked to the Dragon Age games and was extremely happy when some friends decided to join a Dragon Age cosplay group. I choose to cosplay as Flemeth, despite her short appearance in the last game because she is a really intriging character that will surely play a very important part in future chapters (and her outfit is just badass).

The corset and the armor took me a couple months to finish, but the most dificult part was the wig. It was also a little painful to wear after some hours, but it was worth it.

Cosplayer: Sumyuna

Flemeth from Dragon Age II
Flemeth from Dragon Age II
Flemeth from Dragon Age II

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