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January 7, 2014

Wizard from Granado Espada


Granado Espada

Photographer: Cato Kusanagi

Greetings! I'm Valentina Hernandez, a couturier graduated from Textile Design Degree, a career that I concluded with a thesis in Theatrical Wardrobe. I'm a Mexican Cosplayer and also a Cosmaker (the one who makes cosplay for other people), but right now I'm living on Italy. Since 2007, I have been judge of many different Cosplay Contests of Mexico, Italy and Spain.

These pictures were taken in El Refugio, cultural center, seat of Comagon 2010 (Tlaquepaque, Jalisco). I had the opportunity to be guest, making a little conference and being judge in the traditional costume contest. Thanks to PatyCosplay and Zoor for the invitation. Plus, was the first opportunity that I had to work with Cato Kusanagi, and I'm grateful for that.

Cosplayer: ValentinaCosplay

Wizard from Granado Espada
Wizard from Granado Espada
Wizard from Granado Espada
Wizard from Granado Espada
Wizard from Granado Espada

Elementalist from Sword 2 / Granado EspadaElementalist
Sword 2
Granado Espada
Ion Fortuna from Trinity BloodIon Fortuna
Trinity Blood
Warrior from Granado EspadaWarrior
Granado Espada
Taki from Soul Calibur IVTaki
Soul Calibur IV

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