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July 19, 2014

Shizuku シズク from Hunter × Hunter ハンターハンター

Shizuku シズク

Hunter × Hunter ハンターハンター

Really excited about this cosplay! She and Feitan are my favourites :) I really relate to her because I'm a loony too lol That time when she forgot to use her stronger against Gon really cracked me up because that is something that I would definetely do xD

I was trying to do a photoshoot of Shizuku in Meteor City. I love my deme-chan, it's so cute that I want to use it in other cosplays lol I can't take credit for Blinky. It's actually work of a friend of mine.

Shizuku (シズク) is member number eight of The Phantom Troupe, also known as the Spiders, a gang of thieves led by Chrollo Lucilfer that originated in the slum Meteor City. The group consists of thirteen members, each with a numbered tattoo of a spider on their body. Although they mainly steal and kill, they occasionally do philanthropic work.

She is extremely forgetful and can be an airhead at times which, along with her unassuming appearance, can cause opponents to underestimate her combat abilities. Shizuku uses her nen vacuum "Blinky" (or "Deme-chan") in combat, which is able to suck up anything that is not nen created or that she considers living. It is also able to regurgitate the last thing sucked up. She is left-handed, and the twelfth strongest physically out of the thirteen members of the Troupe. Nen type: Conjuration

Cosplayer: BabiM

Shizuku シズク from Hunter × Hunter ハンターハンター
Shizuku シズク from Hunter × Hunter ハンターハンター
Shizuku シズク from Hunter × Hunter ハンターハンター
Shizuku シズク from Hunter × Hunter ハンターハンター

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