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June 17, 2014

Belldandy Demon from Oh! My Goddess!

Belldandy Demon

Oh! My Goddess!

Photographer: Mindfall Media

I love Belldandy, she’s definitely in my top favorite characters. When I saw a version of her that was "possessed" by an evil demon, I knew immediately I wanted to make the costume, it was SO out of character for her! I’ve done a few Bell costumes, she’s so fun!

The photos in the field were taken on the property of the place I used to live, the others were taken at Katsucon, by the talented Mindfall Media!

The biggest pain of making costumes like this is working with stretch PVC! I think spandex is much easier to work with, sewing machines really want to chew on PVC! *laughing*

I wore this costume at Katsucon, and I really want to wear it to more! I think most Ah! My Goddess fans liked it, but I think you have to be a pretty diehard fan to know it, she’s not in this particular costume for long.

Belldandy is a goddess who fell in love with a human, and so is living her days on earth, which usually involves her sister goddesses and demon friends making things chaotic.

Her endless kind nature is what I like best. Even though it’s a little unrealistic at times, I love that she’s so generous and understanding, and patient. I wish people were a little more like that. Here she is, possessed by a demon, and she’s so NICE she turns the demon good! *laughing* That’s NUTS.

I got into cosplay because I used to go to a local comic convention. My friends dared me to make a female Joker costume, and I got hooked! I've been making costumes since 2004! Sometimes that’s hard for me to believe.

I like to encourage cosplayers to have fun and not compete so much. Don’t compare yourself to other cosplayers, try to focus on cosplaying with your friends and doing what you love. Keep the hobby a happy one! :)

Cosplayer: AmazonMandy

Belldandy Demon from Oh! My Goddess!
Belldandy Demon from Oh! My Goddess!
Belldandy Demon from Oh! My Goddess!
Belldandy Demon from Oh! My Goddess!

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