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March 29, 2014

Neko from K Project


K Project

Photographer: Andy Yamasaki

I made this cosplay because I love her so much, I made all things in this cosplay and this fish food is a plush too. To make this photos was so funny for me.

Neko is a Strain, and apparently exists as Shiro's pet cat. She is mischievous, playful and gives Kuroh a hard time. Though she appears to have the ability to create illusions as well as shapeshift or turn invisible at first, later it turns out that her abilities are none other than the ability of sensory interference - where she affects the senses of other human beings to perceive that their surroundings have changed, and so on. She is deeply attached to Shiro and will go to great lengths in order to keep him safe. She refers to him as "Neko's Shiro." It is later revealed she also has the ability to manipulate people's memories which is revealed she was the one who manipulated Shiro's memories into thinking that he was an ordinary high school student. After Shiro awakens as the Silver King, she became his first clansman. She actually likes Shiro but she won't tell anyone.

Cosplayer: Witchiko

Neko from K Project
Neko from K Project
Neko from K Project
Neko from K Project

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