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May 11, 2014

Lilith Sahl from Trinity Blood

Lilith Sahl

Trinity Blood

Photographer: JustMoolti

Lilith Sahl from artbook "Il tappeto rosso" by Thores Shibamoto or it also called Tarot Card. It's my second Lilith's costume, the design is not so widely known, but you can google the name of the artbook.

Almost all parts of my life are connected with arts and crafts, I'm a cosplayer and sometimes even a designer. I started this activity about 4 years ago, since then I tried to do it better and better each time. All my costumes and stuff I always make by myself, and think that it's a little cause for pride.

Cosplayer: PlatinumEgoist

Lilith Sahl from Trinity Blood
Lilith Sahl from Trinity Blood
Lilith Sahl from Trinity Blood

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