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May 18, 2014

Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic

Rose DeWitt Bukater


Photographer: Evgeniya Rotanova

Hello everyone! The cosplay Rose Dewitt Bukater from the amazing movie by James Cameron was one of my old dreams.

First of all, wanna say, that I like this movie and I like charming atmosphere of the beginning of XX century and perfect fashion. Yeah, as for me it's a very important fact. By the way I like (oh, how many times will I repeat this word? :D ) the ship of dreams - Titanic. It's fascinating and frightening at the same time. The awesome master piece of the brilliant minds of that time, which was destined to disappear into the cold waters of the Atlantic.

Secondly, I like actors and most of all - the young star Kate Winslet, which has given us the perfect image of Rose Dewitt Bukater. To tell the truth, I'm the biggest fan of her appearance in "Titanic". That's why I decided to make my "Rose" using only cosmetics stuff. (Also, the wig styling was made by me)

Now I wanna tell you about sewing Dinner Dress. It was sewn from two dresses with sewn lining of calico (some kind of visual imitation of a corset: one from the coral satin with a train, another - black chiffon and also with the train but shortened. The first black chiffon dress with tiers were painted with acrylic silver contour Decola and embroidered with black beads.

About painting: first I used a golden color contour, because I liked this gold pattern on one of the official dress arts. But then I changed my mind and repainted dress using silver contour Decola. However, when I was looking for Dinner Dress on the Internet, every time I met a new version of it: on the sketches on film by designer Deborah Lynn Scott, on a promotional photo shoot and in the film - this dress looks different (different color of the patterns, different top draping of the chiffon. Or maybe two dresses were sewn - one for promo photos and another - just for filming. So it is possible to explain why this dress changes its look every time.

Now about beads. All of Rose's dresses are very heavy because of many sewn beads. And "Dinner Dress" isn't an exception. On the festival Avaexpo (which was taken in St.Petersburg, where I won the special nomination called "One in one") I didn't have much time to embroider the dress, causing the chiffon to seem very "light" and airy like Swimm Dress (Rose wore that dress when the Titanic was sinking). After the festival I brought this dress more to the original and added a lot of black beads on the top, back, tiers, train of this dress.

And I wanna thank my photographer Evgeniya Rotanova and two seamstresses, who helped me to sew the Dinner dress (I mean the first black chiffon dress with tiers. It was rather difficult to me to sew it, cause there wasn't any patterns on the Internet. And one important fact: this dress was fixed on Kate's figure and enshrined brooch. Maybe because of it also this dress looks different every time).

It was also very important to act like young Kate Winslet and show Rose's emotions at that moment. Hope that I could do it.

Thank you for reading! =)

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Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic
Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic
Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic

The idea to remake this scene came to me for a long time ago but only now I have an opportunity to do it. During this photoset The Heart of the Ocean was always moving, that's why I decided to glue it on double-sided tape. A pic, which is drawn by hand was drawn by me, but it 's not particularly visible. As usual, a wig and make-up were made by​​ me. (also the patterns on the couch ;)

Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic
Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic

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