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November 22, 2014

Oichi from Pokemon Conquest


Pokemon Conquest

Photographer: Chastten Cosplay Photography

I expected all Pokémon designs to be super simple, until Pokémon Conquest came out. The game was surprisingly different from the regular pokémon games and fun to play. The first warlord you meet in the game is Oichi. She’s a sweet girl who owns a Jigglypuff (which later on will be a Wigglytuff). The design is so pretty, and actually based on the design of Oichi from Dynasty Warriors (which I had to use as a reference because there aren’t many official images of Oichi from Pokémon Conquest available).

The costume consists of 3 layers of kimono (white, blue, and white+pink). The pink one has handpainted stripes and pokéballs on the side of the skirt. The floating shoulder-guards were slightly challenging and interesting to make. They have wire-boning in the hem and buttons to attach them to my kimono. The armcuffs were also super tough to sew (boning, wire, and interfacing on the inside). Since I never dyed fabric in a gradient before, the cone-shaped socks were an interesting new experiment. I drafted my own tabi-sock pattern too. The back-side of Oichi’s obi was never pictured in any design I let my imagination roam free and painted a jigglypuff/wigglytuff pattern on the back.

Finally, the shoes are also handmade, and slightly uncomfortable to wear. Fun fact: I made 3 of them. One was a backup.

I also made the life-size Jigglypuff to go with my Oichi. His name is Mr. Jiggles and he’s super handsome. Actually he’s just super heavy. Most people who saw me usually just saw Mr. Jiggles. He was very popular with the girls.

I’ve been cosplaying since 2009, when I made my first costume and won a fashion show contest with it (and learned how to sew at the same time). This motivated me to continue to learn how to sew and challenge myself with every new project.

Cosplayer: Kythana

Oichi from Pokemon Conquest
Oichi from Pokemon Conquest
Oichi from Pokemon Conquest
Oichi from Pokemon Conquest

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