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October 12, 2014

Arshtat Falenas from Suikoden V

Arshtat Falenas

Suikoden V

Photographer: RE: PLICA

This is Arshtat Falenas from Suikoden V. When I first saw it I fell in love with the details of the design and just had to play the game. I loved the game as much as I loved Arshtat’s design. It is full of amazing artwork and the story is very well thought out. Arshtat is a strong queen with a love for her Queendom, husband and children. But there is a darker side to her, a sun rune which makes her both powerful and, at times, out of control. She’s such a serious character but can share her most inner feelings with her husband as well. That’s all I’ll say, just dig up your old Playstation 2 and play the game. ;)

When I started on this cosplay, I knew that if I wouldn’t work on this step by step, I’d be chaotic and wouldn’t be able to finish it. I started from the bottom layers and ended with the top ones. I combined a pattern for a bathrobe, and a ballgown to create the white dress. From there I went on, defying gravity with wire, and painting every tribal design on the fabric. The most interesting part was layering foam for the front panel to create the sun-like shapes which defines who Arshtat is: Queen of the sun. The dark lines on the fake leather of the front panel are actually made with a hot knife. Figuring out how to make the crown ’float’ was also a challenge. My new answer to everything: wire.

Since most people don’t know this game, most reaction I got to this costume were "beautiful, how did you make [insert random thing about my costume]". Which is actually something I get a lot with my other costumes as well. The die-hard fans of Suikoden got enthusiastic about my costume. They appreciate the details of the design as much as I do.

I’ve been cosplaying since 2009, which is when I did my first sewing project, and when I won a contest with my first costume. Since then I love making clothing and creating things that aren’t possible with regular clothing making methods. My challenge is still non-fabrics (like Arshtat’s crown and the many details). More interesting things are on my planning.

Cosplayer: Kythana

Arshtat Falenas from Suikoden V
Arshtat Falenas from Suikoden V
Arshtat Falenas from Suikoden V
Arshtat Falenas from Suikoden V

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