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October 22, 2014

Draenei Warrior from World of Warcraft

Draenei Warrior

World of Warcraft

Photographer: Anton Kirsanov

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm from Ukraine. I am in cosplay for 3 years and it's only the beginning. Really wanted to do original cosplay from World of Warcraft. My friends inspired me to do this. So I made the costume by myself and it took me about half a year. With this cosplay I won Starcon 2014 in Russia.

The draenei are the last of the original eredar, who fled their homeworld of Argus to escape the corruption of the rogue titan Sargeras. The exiled eredar took the name draenei, meaning "exiled ones", and traveled through the Twisting Nether aboard the naaru dimensional ship, Oshu'Gun, and landed on a remote world, naming the planet Draenor or "Exile's Refuge". After a great cataclysm saw to the destruction of Draenor, the draenei abandoned the world eventually arriving on Azeroth and crashing to the west of the coastal region of Darkshore on an island named Azuremyst Isle. They joined the Alliance, greatly respecting the Alliance's devout reverence for the Holy Light.

Draenei are hard-pressed to defend the crash site of the Exodar. Surrounding it are creatures such as Volatile Mutations, which have been altered by the energies emitted by detached, ruptured pieces of the Exodar. Blood elves also prey upon the draenei in the vicinity.

Cosplayer: Feyische

Draenei Warrior from World of Warcraft
Draenei Warrior from World of Warcraft
Draenei Warrior from World of Warcraft
Draenei Warrior from World of Warcraft

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