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October 29, 2014

She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power


She-Ra: Princess of Power

Photographer: Lilly-Anne

I made my costume for almost two years, with long breaks in operation, long pondered all the details, and of course how much of the work on the costumes, I think my work on my figure.

Now I’m very glad people’s reactions to my costume. In my country, at an event where we have taken out with the team this cosplay, we have virtually no one knew, but on the internet I get feedback on their work and I am very glad of it.

I am very grateful to the photographers who got up early in the morning on a weekend to make great photos for our team.

Photos of our team can be found on my pages. In addition, we expect a video of our performance soon.

Cosplayer: Ellumiel

She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra from She-Ra: Princess of Power

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