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September 11, 2014

Edea Lee Bravo Bikini from Bravely Default

Edea Lee Bravo Bikini

Bravely Default

Photographer: Felix Wong

Initially a member of the Eternian Sky Knights sent to capture the wind vestal Agnès Oblige, Edea Lee soon grows opposed to the ruthless acts they commit and allies with Agnès instead. Over the course of the party's journey, Edea must now confront her fellow countrymen as a traitor.

Edea has a strong sense of justice as she was raised in a strong household under her father, Braev Lee, who is the head of the ruling council of Eternia and the lead advocate of the anticrystalism movement. Edea was brought up under Braev, but she spent more time with the swordmaster who was put in charge of her training who taught her respect and the way of honor when dealing with ones foes and allies alike. Edea soon comes to realize that the Eternian forces are not all they seem to be after witnessing their atrocities first hand.

This leads her to condemn all those who go against these principles as evil and she is frustrated when the targets of her ire disregard her views as being naive, mostly former comrades in the Eternian forces. She is quick to anger and passionate in defending those who have become victims to her own countrymen's cruel actions.

Cosplayer: RutuliCosplay

Edea Lee Bravo Bikini from Bravely Default

Photographer: John Chea Photography

Edea Lee Bravo Bikini from Bravely Default

Photographer: Stephane Laroche

Edea Lee Bravo Bikini from Bravely Default

Photographer: Stephane Laroche

Edea Lee Bravo Bikini from Bravely Default

Photographer: Stephane Laroche

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