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September 2, 2014

Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY

Pyrrha Nikos


Photographer: Sukhraj Bhattal

Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY by Monty Oum, the new series by RoosterTeeth! Costume, armor, shield, sword and wig by Nyurt. Miló is 3D printed. The choker was probably the hardest piece of this costume... but I did it!!

WIPs album and descriptions here and here.

Cosplayer: Nyurt Cosplay

Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY

Photographer: BigWhiteBazooka

Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY

Photographer: Gespenst-RZ

Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY

Photographer: Tiffany

Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY

Photographer: SeaDirac

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