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February 22, 2015

Morrigan from Dragon Age


Dragon Age

Photographer: Aleksandar Jovković, edited by Tenshi

Morrigan is one of my all-times favorite female characters. I love her for her complexity, her contradictions and inner conflicts, her seductiveness and insecurity - I love her for not being what you expect her to be. And I particularly love how BioWare developed her character from the haughty, self-centered girl she was in “Dragon Age: Origins” to the composed woman from "Dragon Age: Inquisition" who sounds sad even when she tries not to.

I did both Morrigan costumes – the first one debuted at Japanizam 2014 in Belgrade, where I hosted the cosplay competition show. The costume was surprisingly comfortable, especially after years of cosplaying in corsets, heavy gowns and armor – I could even dance in it. The second Morrigan was made for the Hungarian PlayIT convention where I was one of the cosplay judges – it was mind-boggling to see how the competition entrants were afraid of me, including trembling, stuttering and being unable to look me in the eyes. While these are two costumes, they represent the same person and her growth, so I cannot separate them – and at cons, nowadays, I like starting the day in one costume, and then changing into the other.

In this series of photo edits, by recreating Morrigan’s iconic moments from the games, we wanted to confront the two versions of the character and to capture her development and change.

Cosplayer: Ferasha

Morrigan from Dragon Age
Morrigan from Dragon Age
Morrigan from Dragon Age
Morrigan from Dragon Age

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