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January 29, 2015

Shimei Ryomou from Ikki Tousen

Shimei Ryomou

Ikki Tousen

Photographer: CClazer

I easily spent over +200 hours on this costume for many reasons. All in-progress photos and how I made the costume are posted on my FB page. I made the whole costume myself. It was a first time doing a plaster cast of myself, sculpting things I don't do much, using worbla, creating a silicone body suit, and more. It was also the most expensive costume I have ever made. Costing me over ,000 but it was a costume I always wanted to do. I have a passion for cosplay and I love being an artist.

Photos taken by CClazer Jan 2015 at Magic City Comic Con.

Cosplayer: KannonKosplay

Shimei Ryomou from Ikki Tousen
Shimei Ryomou from Ikki Tousen
Shimei Ryomou from Ikki Tousen

Kanu Unchou from Ikki TousenKanu Unchou
Ikki Tousen
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