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January 9, 2015

Lina Inverse from Slayers Try

Lina Inverse

Slayers Try

Photographer: Kristina Shumina

This summer I have decided to watch TV and I have discovered Slayers.

I saw this costume 6 months ago. I always wanted to make Alice dress that’s why I made this unusual Alice version. I took one month to make this costume.

Lina Inverse (Slayers) is a young adventurer and very powerful sorceress travelling the world.

Lina was born in the fictional village of Zephilia. Lina earns her reputation and nicknames such as "Bandit Killer" and "Dragon Spooker" during her adventures.

Cosplayer: Marina_ReIkO

Lina Inverse from Slayers Try
Lina Inverse from Slayers Try
Lina Inverse from Slayers Try
Lina Inverse from Slayers Try

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